Psychological & Performance Coaching

The notion of ‘knowing thyself’ has vexed the wisest of human minds for millennia. In the rapidly changing and challenging world of the 21st century, the importance of seeking greater mastery and a deeper knowledge of the self is an essential quality for successful living. I invite clients to get to know themselves better through working collaboratively in the coaching relationship. Establishing greater self awareness is the precursor to personal growth and development. From this resourced state you have the potential to operate with courage and confidence, meaning consistently better performance in an ever changing world.

My coaching service is relevant for organisations in both the corporate and public sector, as well as for private clients. In each case, please submit your inquiry for consideration.

Recent examples of coaching issues successfully worked through with clients:

  • Developing emotional intelligence in the workplace

  • How to become a good & effective leader in business

  • Getting back to work after an extended period of time

  • Creating and embodying an effective work/life balance

  • Managing challenging professional relationships effectively

  • Goal setting for improved business & sales performance

  • Identifying and honouring values in work and life

  • Managing the feeling of being overwhelmed at work

  • Creating a vision for a new business that feels authentic and exciting

  • Developing skills for improved communication with colleagues and seniors

  • How to take control of the 'to do' list and inquiring into its perceived value

  • Overcoming a of lack of confidence and developing an authentic sense of possibility

  • Keeping the inner critic in check & developing a greater compassion for self

  • Public speaking with self-belief and confidence

  • Learning how to give and receive feedback effectively

Psychometric & Psychological Assessments

I am qualified by The British Psychological Society to facilitate psychological & psychometric assessments at both Level A (Occupational, Ability) and Level B (Occupational, Personality). It means there are a wide range of assessments available, relevant to occupational and educational settings and for multiple purposes including, but not limited to, candidate selection & personal development.

Full list of available assessments - Psychological Testing

A personality assessment used in co-ordination with a program of coaching can be a very effective tool for developing self awareness. It can deepen a clients understanding of their typical or preferred style of going about things, such as interrelations with colleagues, typical thoughts and feelings, decision making processes and what might be their standard approach to managing activities. When completed honestly and openly, the results provide insight into the sorts of environments and tasks that most suit an individual’s personality and therefore, in which they are most likely to succeed.

The NEO PI-R3 is internationally recognised as the ‘gold standard’ instrument with which to measure personality. The qualification is verified by the British Psychological Society as well as being internationally recognised and aligned with the standards of competence defined by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Association.

Sample NEO-PI3 ‘Personal Insight Report’ - Sample Report

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. Maya Angelou