The notion of ‘knowing thyself’ has vexed the wisest of human minds for millennia. In the ever changing modern world, the importance of seeking greater mastery of the self is fundamental to successful living. In coaching we have the ability to better know ourselves. Establishing greater self awareness is the precursor to personal growth and development. From this resourced state we have the potential to operate with courage and confidence, meaning consistently better performance.

Recent examples of issues presented for coaching:

  • Developing emotional intelligence competencies

  • Learning and role modelling great leadership skills

  • Getting back to work after an extended period of time

  • Creating and embodying a good work/life balance

  • Managing challenging professional relationships effectively

  • Motivational goal setting for improved team performance

  • Identifying and honouring key values in work and life

  • Developing rapport and trust in relationship

  • Keeping the inner critic in check & developing greater compassion for self

  • Speaking in public with self-belief and confidence

  • Mastering the art and skill of giving feedback

  • Developing great management skills

Training & Facilitation

I deliver facilitation and training in executive settings for groups of 5 to 60 people.

Psychometric & Personality Assessments

I am qualified by The British Psychological Society to manage assessments at both Level A (Occupational, Ability) and Level B (Occupational, Personality). Psychological Testing

A personality assessment used in co-ordination with a program of coaching provides rich insight into our typical ways of being; such as in relations with colleagues, when making important decisions and how we manage our activities. The results also highlight the sorts of environments and tasks that most suit an individual’s personality and therefore, in which they are most likely to succeed.

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. Maya Angelou